SEBASTIEN 94 G’day everyone,

We, all four can’t thank you enough for making us feeling home. England is in our heart, as i said many times this is our home now and where everything took place for us. We really loved it, i hope the royal family liked it too and hope we weren’t too noisy lol
They were some great performer don’t you think? I can’t personally wait to see the UK having a beautiful time in 2012.
Renee and I would like to thank you as well so much for you contineous support and for your wishes for our wedding which took place on the 17th of August. It was one of the most emotional moments in my life. I felt like singing in a front of thousands of people. You know this feeling when you perform a song you’ve never sung and you hope you will like it. Again thanks for being such an amazing support to our life and being so respectful towards our privacy. We can’t ask for better fans than you, you are simply the best….
Hey guys let me tell you today i heard a new song on the next album it’s so powerfulllllllll omg it’s just the best tune we’ve ever, ever recorded.
I’m very nervous about this new album because as a band we took so much risk and time to make the best of all four.
I’m wondering what songs you think we have done. If you get it all i promise…..we will sing it to you lol
Love to you all and again big big thank youssssssss