Hello this is IL Divo,

We want to wish you all a happy new year 2011 and the great news is that you will be sick of seing us this year yeahhhhhh we are back….
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was simple and wonderful, at home in London with the family and the 31st well bed time early because the kids are awake way too early but it was really nice though.
Well after all that food it’s time to go back jogging for me lol
I’m working on the Blog but god it is not simple some friends told me wordpress was the best but it is a headache to put that in place so bear with me i’m on it. By the end of January i should have something nice where now and then i can tell you more about us 4 and the Izambard s lol
Love to you all and may 2011 brings you back Il divo and all your wishes.