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Es bueno tener noticias de Il Divo, creo que ansiabamos saber lo que fuera de ellos. Carlos ha dado muchas ultimamente y eso se lo agradecemos infinitamente.

En este mensaje que dejo en el Foro Oficial nos reafirma que el disco ya está lo que no entiendo es porque esperar tanto, acaso sacarán video? si es así ok les perdono la tardanza jejejeje, lo bueno es que se dedican a otras cosas mientras comienza la publicidad del nuevo album, David participará en la opera y él hará sus conciertos en solitario. Pero lo mejor de todo es que dice que habrá Il Divo para 20 años más, suena bien pero 20 años??? espero que si y si se siguen conservando tan bien seguiran robando suspiros, lo que si no cabe duda es que sus voces seguirán siendo deleite para los oidos.

No nos queda más que esperar el regreso de Il Divo pacientemente.

Hello everybody
First of all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate how much you care for us and for the constant support you give us day after day.
As you all know, we have finished recording our new IL DIVO album, which will be released very soon, this coming November; something that I as much as my colleagues Sebastian, Urs and David are very much looking forward and are very happy with how it turned out; we really think it will be one of our best albums…….. and we hope you will like it as much as we all do.
Furthermore, I want you all to know that my commitment to IL DIVO is totally unconditional and it is my outmost priority, but since we have been granted some off-time, while all the promotional plans are being worked out for the release of this new record, we have entertained ourselves in small projects to pass the time while everything is ready for our new World Tour with Il Divo. David will be doing an Opera in Detroit (USA) in April and I am doing a show with INNOCENCE at the Compac Gran Via Theater in Madrid, from June 23rd until the 26th, and we would love to see you all there .
I would like to clarify that we are NOT starting a SOLO CARRER as it may have been heard through the grapevine, but rather growing and developing ourselves as artists. We would like to reassure you that we continue loving and fighting for IL DIVO one hundred percent as long as we can keep on counting on your support, and that we like to combine this with occasional operas or concerts, all done in a different style, taking the opportunity to show you a different side of us as artists, but never neglecting IL DIVO as our main focus.
With this message I wanted to dispel any doubts that could arise in your hearts and reassure you that none of us are thinking about leaving IL DIVO to start our solo career!!!!!
We are totally devoted to IL DIVO and we will keep on fighting for the group for at least 20 years longer…………..
Love Carlos