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Más noticias de los Divos, en esta ocasión Urs nos regala unas palabras y habla de México y de las fans Mexicanas, al parecer en esta gira si le gustaron los gritos. (Les debo la traducción por falta de tiempo)

Este es el boletín:


Comenzamos con el mensaje de Urs

We’ve just got back from Japan on Wednesday and went straight into the radio on Thursday. Japan was amazing actually. We have been on tour for the whole year, we started in January with the rehearsals and have played 134 shows in 36 countries, spanning 6 continents and I’ve only spent two weeks at home this year in total. After our last show in Guatemala City we went straight into promo for the Greatest Hits album and that’s what we’ve been doing since.

I must say that I enjoyed this year very much, we had a great time. The album ‘Wicked Game’ has been very well received. The highlight for me was the American leg of the tour this year. We spent 3 months there. I managed to see America in a different way, I don’t know why that is, I’ve been to America a lot in the past ten years. Sometimes I rented a car and drove from one city to the next instead of just going with the crew. On some days off, I rented a motorcycle and just had a lot of fun! I love Harley Davidson’s- I’ve got a whole collection when it comes to motorcycles.

When it comes to memorable fans, in Mexico City, I remember thinking “this is so loud!”; when you actually want to talk in-between the songs they scream at you basically! It was quite funny.

I would like to take this chance to thank everybody throughout the whole world for listening to us and supporting us and making this tour possible. It s a hard time for musicians, even big artists are having to cancel tours. We’ve had the most successful tour ever, even in these difficult times, so I would like to thank everyone for coming to the shows and supporting us. We’re definitely going to carry on with a lot of enthusiasm and lot of devotion. We’ve got this ‘Greatest Hits’ album coming out and we’re very proud of that.

The Greatest Hits album is a line in our career. We want to move on with something different, but not too different, so no-one needs to be scared that it’s not going to be Il Divo anymore.

Coming up, we are going to be touring in Europe & UK, with Katherine Jenkins across March and April which we’re all looking forward to.

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Il Divo – The Greatest Hits

A menos de dos 2 semanas de que salga el nuevo disco de Il Divo los chicos nos hablan en estos videos de cada canción.

I Will Always Love You. Watch the boys talking about the album here

Don’t Cry for me Argentina


I Will Alwas Love You

My Heart Will Go On


Unchained Melody


Can’t help falling in love


Amazing Grace



Il Divo on QVC
Tomorrow (Saturday 17th November) the boys will be heading over to QVC for an interview and to perform a track as voted for by you the fans on the QVC website! Make sure you tune in from 8pm (GMT) to see them.




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