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Carlitos si que sabe. En el foro oficial de Il Divo, Carlos nos escribe para promocionar el nuevo álbum de su ex-esposa Innocence (Geraldine Larrosa) del cual el es el productor.

Mediante un video nos cuentan un poco de la producción de este disco y de la vida personal de Innocence, lo bueno es que el video está en español (yupi Sonrisa ) con subtítulos en ingles.


Hi to all
I have the pleasure to anounced that I have produced a new Album for Innocence (Geraldine Larrosa)

In this making of, we can see a closer Innocence, incandescent bulbs outside the stage. We will see her in the studio, recording songs from her new album “This is Love” who will be released in Spain next May, and the single “Houdini girl” who will come out in March, playing sports, shopping or at the photo calls. This video brings us one step closer to the figure of this artist whose voice transcends national boundaries.
To Innocence has been extremely important to move a a piece of his life to the public anteroom of his new album, “a dance album that keeps my voice full of pop and lyricism. This new work is more dance music more joyful, full of life and with completely original songs. I’m very excited, especially having met new composers and working again with my dear friend Carlos who has believed in me and my project, “as Inocence recently said . It has been Produced by Xasqui Ten from Ten Productions (Sabadell), Voices Director Alberto Quintero Aliga & Tonopro (Barcelona) and supervised by me besides being the executive producer.

I am shure you will like it here is the link:

many kisses
and see you very soon